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My name is Jickie Richard Hogate aka Coach J.Rich I have Attention Deficit Disorder and I live in Garden Grove, California in The United States of America.

I live happily with my beautiful wife Denise we've been married for 34+ years.' We have two wonderful children, Justin age 26 and Jessica 29, of whom I am immensely proud. Jessica blessed us with 4 beautiful grandchildren ages 2 - 10. Justin graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach, CA with two majors English Education + Comparative World Literature. He's going through the hiring process to be teaching High School students in the Garden Grove Unified School District.

I started out in my working life as a strike breaking (scab) warehouseman for Mazda, parts clerk, inventory control clerk, parts supervisor for Orange County Transit District and Orange County Fire Department, warehouse supervisor for City of Fullerton, purchasing supervisor for City of South Gate then finally the pinnacle of my career with the title as a purchasing agent/risk manager for the City of El Segundo, CA finishing up my career in September 2015 after 25 years' of service... which was an extremely rewarding career for me having only a junior college purchasing certificate to lean on plus decades of on the job experiences.

For the past twenty-five years or so, I have also been involved in variety of Optimal Health & Wellness businesses, building large cohesive Teams with training and support being my focus.

Throughout my professional, coaching and business entrepreneurship I have been happiest when inspiring people of all ages to achieve the very best they are capable of.

On both a personal and professional level, I have a passion for the study of mindset personal development and personal transformational with the right inforamation, and learning how to utilize the personal power that lies within each one of us to maximum effect, and implementing what I learn in my own life on a daily basis, moment to moment.

By living, experiencing what I learn and become aware of, my own life is transformed. Of course, I am committed to lifelong learning. Because the moment you stop learning, you stop growing. Your either growing or dying!

I feel a great passion and commitment to share everything I myself learn and experience to help other people improve their own lives around the World.

I have a convictions, based on firm biblical principles, that our thoughts do create the kind of life we experience, so it is vital we learn how to think consciously and creatively, and use the unlimited personal power within us, so that it can be used for  Building4YourSuccess in many areas like Financial Fitness and Optimal Health drinking Living Water. The overall Mission is to help as many people around the World have their own desired Lifestyles.

There is an undeniable link between the science of advanced thinking and the creation of success, wealth and abundance in all areas of our lives, which means an abundance of money, enjoyable work that each us are passionate about, fulfilling relationships, excellent health, with living water and true spirituality. If we enjoy this unlimited abundance in everything we do and experience, then we are surly to be happy.

I have a mission to share what I learn and experience, to help other people become the best they can be, both in their professional and their personal lives, and to empower people everywhere to break free of limitations, and to free themselves from the bondage of want, misery and unhappiness. Every single human being has a right to enjoy a totally phenomenal life.

I also enjoy reading books on the subject of mindset for entrepreneurs and online marketing, with a particular interest in the use of the Internet for more effective communication.

I am Denise's full time caregiver due to her disability with Multiple Sclerosis. Also providing caregiving for my Father and Mother who reside in Chino Hill's California.

Outside of my family, my interests include photography, NHRA Drag Racing, watching nature, space, historical and geographical programs and documentaries recorded to watch when I'm multitasking.

My pet peeve: I absolutely detest, reality TV and all those talent shows and soaps. Life is too short to waste spending hours a day watching all that nonsense!

I would much rather invest my time in re-programming both my conscious and subconscious mindset in a positive, empowering way, by mixing with positive and successful people, and soaking up positive, inspirational material in the form of social media, e-books, FB Live, videos, and seminars online or in person.

Recently,  I was given information that I had not ever heard about before it's called Financial Fitness. Not offered or taught in schools, banks, credit unions or all other lending institutions anywhere.

I resonated with the vision and understood the integrity of this company. So I locked-arms with Wealth Generators because of the founders vision and leaders on a mission, a crusade to redistribute wealth by giving people throughout the world (in 72 + countries & growing) the right information, tools, resources and systems with 3 years of documented profits creating significant wealth for each person and their families over time.

I am committed to educating and empowering people throughout the world to create better futures for themselves and their communities.

I invite you all to join me in pursuing this wonderful mission of purpose. Together, we can all help make the world a much better, happier and more abundant place, by transforming one human being at a time.

I have important work to do in so many ways! This is one of many areas of life I'm helping people by Building4YourSuccess everyday.

I know some of the happiest years of my life are in the future and that's an exciting prospect. In fact, each morning when I wake up I remind myself that...

"Today is my 'Day One' - the first day of the rest of my life."

Always Living 2 Serve,

Coach J.Rich Hogate

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