Why Being An Early Adopter Means You Win

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A brand new, revolutionary product has just been launched onto the market. What do you do? Do you buy it as soon as possible? Or do you wait until there is more information out on what it does and how well it works? If you are in the former group, you are an early adopter.

This means that you see how appealing a new product is and invest in the potential of it growing into something astounding.

As with everything in life, there are the pros and the cons. One of the cons of being an early adopter means you may be buying a product that is too expensive and has major flaws.

However, think about the very first Nintendo- you may have been at the forefront of gaming evolution and leading the momentum for the product.

There are a few reasons why it is best, to be an early adopter no matter the risk.



If you jump on board right from the get-go, you ultimately enter into a direct connection and seemingly close relationship with the people who invent these products. The feedback and honest opinions you give the company are hugely appreciated and valued.

Trial and error is a major step with any product. With sharing your thoughts and being apart of that process you become a critical component in the product’s growth. Basically, you hold the power to mold and influence where the product is during its evolutionary cycle.

You have a voice, and it’s gratifying when it’s been heard.


More gratifying than having your voice heard would be the feeling of trusting your intuition and your personal thoughts when a pioneering product you have chosen goes through the motions and becomes hits the mainstream market.

Trusting your gut and relying on your visions is a key quality to possess in multiple aspects of your life. When you are finely tuned into your intuition you open up doorways to great opportunities that enhance not only your life, but you also enhance the lives of those around you.

Being motivated to try new things, learn about new technologies, and gain insight into something that has never been done before doesn’t come to everyone naturally. Being an early adopter means an idea or thought has inspired and motivated you to take action in some way.

Knowledge is power, and there is a lot of stuff to learn out there. By following your intuition you can increase your ability to focus on products and innovations that truly motivate you.


Not only are you making relationships with the products owners, you forge relationships with the circle of people who surround any new item. Like you, there are folks out there interested in the product and the company.

You have the power to share with them the advantages and disadvantages of this new gadget. You create the buzz that eventually grows the community of consumers. You influence the early adopters and the people who are late to jump on the bandwagon.

You have heard it before: the early bird gets the worm. By giving out first-hand information on new products, you get the worm. You help the product evolve and grow over time. Yes, a lot of products inevitably become a staple item, they would ever be there without people like you who are passionate enough to learn and invest, to begin with.

Being an early adopter is great for you and great for the companies, you give feedback to.

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