Is Soda a Sugar Bomb?!

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Do You Drink Soda Regularly?

If so, read on… it’s important!

 One can of regular soda exceeds the maximum recommendation for daily sugar intake!Sugar Bomb

According to industry reports, the average American drinks 53 gallons of soft drinks every year, which makes it the most consumed beverage, even above milk, water, coffee.

The amount of sugar in soft drinks varies, but they usually contain 7-11 teaspoons of sugar per 12 ounces.

These excessively sugary drinks can affect your teeth enamel, along with many other health risks associated with a high sugar diet. Soft drinks are also extremely acidic, and do not help your body sustain a healthy pH balance.

So why are they consistently popular?


Nourish Your Body with Healthy Water

Unlike soft drinks, juice, sports drinks, coffee drinks, and alcohol, water is naturally sugar-free.

There are no calories, no addictive ingredients, no caffeine, no artificial flavors, no allergens, and no side effects of water.

Water hydrates your body so it can stay at peak performance all day, with no ?crash? two hours after consumption.

There is no better way to keep your body healthy and hydrated than by drinking plenty of pure, clean water.

Kangen Water!Choose the Best for Proper Hydration

The quality of the water you drink is crucial to maintaining proper health. Kangen Water® is high-quality alkaline water that is clean, delicious, and anexcellent choice for maintaining good health.

You can sustain a healthier pH balance with Kangen Water® and enjoy a great tasting beverage that is conveniently available on your kitchen counter.

When you’re looking for a beverage to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated, don’t trust a caffeinated drink with too much sugar. You need Kangen Water® to nourish your body and give you the boost you need to stay healthy.

Staying healthy has never been so easy!

Coach J.Rich & D Hogate
Enagic Independent Distributors

“As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health
or produce disease in yourself.”
 ~ Adelle Davis


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