Are The Weekly Calls LIVE?

Yes. We meet each meet using zoom (a virtual conference platform) for about 60 minutes. You'll get reminders throughout the week and you can choose to come out LIVE so we can work through any growth troubles you're experiencing together. 

Will This Work For Network Marketers?

Yes. This is designed for the entrepreneurs who want to earn an income online but are not interested in creating their own products, dealing with customers or picking up the phone to sell or recruit. 

Are there any additional fees once I get started?

Nope. No additional fees for the CORE100, but like anyone who's great at what they do, you will need tools. The tools you need will be determined by what you're pursuing. Here's some insight, the cost to run my entire online business is about $250 per month, that's not including my advertising or paying my VA's. 

How Do I Cancel After I Sign Up?

Send an email to and share that you'd like to cancel. That's it. 🙂 

How Fast Until I See Results?

I'd love to have an answer for this one, but it depends on how much you're putting into the program. I can guarantee that if you show up to the calls, participate in the private group and ask questions, you'll see results in the first 30 days - but this is not a get rich quick program in any way. If you're looking for that unicorn program to help you get out of 7 years of debt that you acquired in just 30 daysdon't sign up because this is not for you.

How Many Hours Per Week Will I Have To Invest?

That depends on your skill level. If you're brand new and you want to see big changes, fast - then you're going to have to put in a lot of work. It could be 20 hours per week, or an additional 40 hours. Only you can make that decision. You're the boss, if you don't show up - you don't show up.