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Detoxification Detoxification

Detoxification with Healthy Kangen Water®


Your body – whether or not you are aware – contains toxins. It’s True!

Toxins enter your body a variety of ways – from the environment, your diet, your hectic lifestyle, stress, etc. They inhabit your body and interfere with your normal internal processes.

These unwanted substances need water in sufficient volumes to be processed and eliminated from the body – and if you are depending on regular bottled or tap water, toxins can stay in your body far longer than they should.

Discover True Physical Health with Kangen Water®!

Kangen Water® (pH 8.5 – 9.5 pH) helps detoxify your body and remove unwanted substances faster and more effectively than water with a neutral or slightly acidic pH. Most of the waste and toxins in your body are acidic. Alkaline naturally combats acidity and helps repel acidic toxins quickly and efficiently.

This is especially important for two of the most critical organs in your body: your liver and kidneys. These organs have the responsibility of cleansing your body and ridding it of waste. Normal water simply does not provide the support they need for optimal detoxification.

100% PurityThankfully, you can detoxify your body with a steady diet of Kangen Water® that not only flushes toxins and combats acidic substances, but also tastes great and gives you hydrating energy with minerals and antioxidants to power through the day!


Where Can You Find Kangen Water®?

Enagic®’s Kangen Water® cannot be found just anywhere!

Contact me today to find out how YOU can have access to this “Living Water” in the convenience of your own kitchen!

Coach J.Rich & D Hogate
Enagic Independent Distributors

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