Caffeine… Friend or Foe?

Caffeine - Friend or Foe?

Caffeine Fiends!

I love TeaEver since coffee and other caffeinated beverages were introduced to the Western world a few hundred years ago, we have evolved into a stimulant-obsessed society. The average daily caffeine consumption is estimated to be about 70 to 76 mg per person worldwide. But in the United States, the number is shockingly higher! Americans consume about 210 to 238 mg of caffeine every day. Not surprisingly, the most popular sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate, and sodas.

What happens to all this caffeine in your body?

EnagicForty-five minutes after you have consumed a caffeinated food or beverage, your body absorbs 99% of that caffeine. And because caffeine is hydrophobic (fails to mix with water) it can freely flow through all your biological membranes, leaving open access to your blood cells, brain, etc.

Caffeine has been found to affect mood (especially anxiety), sleep, blood flow to the brain, motor skills, multiple task performance demands, headaches, and so on. Finally, most caffeinated beverages are diuretics, which can dehydrate you by increasing urination without replenishing important fluids.

You may think that the morning cup of coffee or tea is a necessity or inevitability (and the mid-morning cup, afternoon cup, the after dinner cup, the evening re-cap, etc), but there IS another way to live! You can quench your thirst, satisfy your cravings, and give your body what it needs with healthy alkaline Kangen Water®!

If you’re not ready to give up the caffeine, make sure to drink at least one 8-ounce glass of Kangen Water® for every caffeinated beverage to rehydrate your body.

You can also brew coffee or tea with Kangen Water®!

Have you ever noticed that even the highest quality coffee or tea can taste bitter when brewed with acidic tap water? Switch to pure, delicious Kangen Water® to bring out the natural, subtle flavors of your favorite brewed beverages, and you will taste the difference immediately!

Kangen Water® – Superior Hydration

Drinking WaterUnlike caffeinated beverages, drinking plenty of Kangen Water® will support proper hydration and optimal physical performance.

As an ionized alkaline water, Kangen Water® goes far beyond hydrating the body! Alkaline water supports the wellness of bodily organs and can aid in the neutralization of free radicals. This powerful water is an anti-oxidant free radical scavenger, and can be readily and conveniently available at your kitchen sink.

Glass of WaterImagine starting your morning with a beverage that can actually keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated all day long. Thanks to Enagic® Kangen Water®, this can be your reality with just a push of a button!

Swap out your reusable thermos with reusable water bottles today, and drink Kangen Water® for long-lasting health!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!™

Coach J.Rich & D Hogate
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